I ventured out of the house today. It feels weird to be out in the real world again!
Staying home for  a week does weird things to you! The boys were thrilled and after an appt., grocery shopping and stopping at another store, I am so sore, I want to curl up with a heating pad and not move for another week! That hurt so bad to just drive!!! Alright, enough of that!<p> Our local Borders Express is going out of business and Bath and Body Works had a 90% off sale going on. I got some fun stuff there and spent the rest of my "fun" money for the month. I spent $51 on groceries, but I also bought more Vit. D to take as I was running low and it was sort of costly. It should last me longer as it is 5000 I.U.  and there was 100 in there, so I only have to take 1 daily now.  I got some other good deals on cereal, otherwise nothing huge…….45 cent hot dogs though….that was fun! Considering that it has been over 2 weeks since I have shopped, I think we are doing good! Hopefully i did not miss anything big! <p>
It has warmed up here and the snow is melting, which makes me sad. I hope it get cold again and really dumps a bunch of snow on us. We really need it as otherwise this summer will be smoky.
<p> I took a picture outside as it has been beautiful, through the window as I have only been outside twice in the last week and half, but it is nice nevertheless. I will post it when I can move to get the camera.
I really need to get some more shopping done, but it will have to wait until I can drive without pain I guess!!!
Sorry for all the book reviews in a row, they seem to come in clumps! I had some great books I have read though!

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  1. Anonymous

    Sad about the Border's going out of business.
    Thanks for the post, though. I love checking out your menus as well.


  2. Martha

    It is sad, but we have a big Borders here too, so I guess they thought we did not need both! I shopped at both…..

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