Nicole by Sarah Monzon

About the Book:

Who has time to date when she’s trying to raise a miniature human by herself AND save the planet from its irresponsible inhabitants? Not to mention my winning personality (snort) and my curves-have-curves figure (eyeroll) don’t exactly attract the opposite sex. Unfortunately, none of these reasons have stopped my best friends and SoCal sewing sisters from taking on the archaic role of matchmakers, and they’re not beneath a little bribery if that’s what it takes to get my cooperation. Let’s just say everyone has their weak spot, and donations to my favourite charities is mine.

If I were to consider a romantic relationship, my dream guy certainly wouldn’t be immature, everything-is-a-game Dr. Drew Bauer. The man raises my body temperature faster than global warming does the Earth’s! But life seems determined to keep throwing us together, especially now that one of my SoCal sewing sisters is engaged to his best friend, in which case there can only be one of two outcomes:

1. I kill him in a fit of annoyance.

2. My common sense escapes me, and I fall in love with him.

Honestly, I’m not sure which would be worse.

My Review:

This absolute adorable book will have you weak at the knees, in a good way. The quips, the humor, encompassing hard topics without drama all throughout, I fell in love. When I finished it, I was so sad as I wanted more and more. I wanted to hear about about the whole group, but each one, I fall in love a little bit more. I enjoyed how the author wove critical topics of our time into the story, and picking up on the struggle of raising a child with an absent father, while not speaking poorly of them. It was well done, so well done.  This is the third book in the series and I would recommend you buy all three. The entire series was a favorite this year.

You will want to use the Amazon link as I discovered, there are many titles that will come up unless you put the entire authors name as well in the search.

The print book has been released already (I own a copy), but kindle comes out in January.

Nicole by Sarah Monzon

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