Do you ever wonder the answer to this question? I have found myself wondering this several times this past week!

I mean what makes a almost 9 year old boy think it would be a fun thing to do to use liquid paper to paint circles around your 4 year old brothers eyes? And the bigger question in my mind, why would the 4 year old stand there and let him?

What makes it fun to stand on your head on your desk with your legs halfway up the door, somewhat bent in half? I can understand avoiding schoolwork….but why is that fun?

There may be something wrong with me too, as I was tired, making tea in the dark, and heated up the teapot, steeped it and drank it and it was not until the next morning that I realized there was a strange yellow substance on the tea pot. After attempting to clean the teapot, I realized it was a yellow CRAYON! Yeah! I boiled the tea pot, melted it all over the inside, made tea with the water, got crayon all over the pot I steeped it in and DRANK it without noticing? Why do you stick a crayon in the teapot? Second thought, maybe mom needs a break when she drinks crayon and doesn’t notice!

When i wonder these things I seem to remember an article in No Greater joy before about the ways of boys and when I had my first one, I was a bit frightened by it, he said at the end of the letter that if you pray for patience God will give you 5 boys!

I have prayed for patience alot, so I guess God thought I needed 4 boys!

My BIL often teased me about it because I have a voice that I guess is quiet, so he said I needed to say things like I meant them with my first one. I say, I guess it is quiet as it sure doesn’t sound quiet to me….but I have been told it enough so I believe it by now!

If he could hear me now, I think they usually know when I mean things, I say things maybe not louder, but firmer!

So, have I answered the question of how boys work? I don’t think so, I don’t think it is “Slugs and Snails and puppy dog tails” though!

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  1. Anonymous

    If your figure out how boys work then let me know lol. Ryan has done things like try as salt the cat our oil it which resulted in an empty salt shaker and salt all over the house and and oily cat. Or the time he took a sharpy marker all over out new couches (luckily a professional was able to get it out. There are other things that still pop up once in awhile that make you wonder what was going through there head. But think of all the stories we will have to tell when they are older.


  2. amandasangels

    You had me rolling with this one! It is amazing the the things that come from the mind of a child, especially a boy child!
    Love & Blessings,
    (: Amanda 🙂

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