seemed like one of those days where everything went wrong… First off in the morning the boys seem to never be able to eat cereal without spilling everywhere. Somehow there was milk everywhere! Fred was cleaning up the kitchen and we were working on some school when I heard a knock at the door and when I got to the door there was a lady standing in the house! She said “Hello”! Is this Sarah's room? Fred just said Hi, and kept on cleaning while the rest of us stared at her dumbly. I could not think of a thing to say! I thought maybe Fred knows her, he looks like he recognizes her! She said so “Oh, is this Sara's house? I knew she was bed ridden and I saw the e little guy and It thought this is the house…oh do you mean I got the wrong house? Oh my, no wonder you are all staring at me!!!” I don't know which house she was headed to with lunch for someone, but anyhow this the how the morning started.

Later I was playing some things in the living room with Paul and Hans and set Lee and Anthony in the bedroom to play with toys, hardly 5 seconds later, I hear “Baby fell, Baby fell!!” (We call Anthony “baby”) I run to the room, but see him no where! He had opened the window in those seconds and had jumped/fell out about 3 feet. I assume he toppled out, I ran outside. His entire face is covered in dirt!! He has a bonked nose and as I am washing him and realize he isn't really hurt, I am laughing! Oh my, he looked funny. So, through all this I am saying, wow, I am the worst homeschooling mom ever! I mean, who turns around and their child falls out of a window? We cannot even get simple stuff done without all these mishaps happening!

Today has gone better! We went to some garage sales together, farmers market and library. My cousin is here visiting, so I guess we are doing something together this afternoon.
Anyhow, I thought maybe you would all like to hear just a few of the major things that happened yesterday! You do not want to hear the minor things, like the laundry getting spilled, the smell from somewhere ( I think I missed a potato somewhere, yuck)

So, hopefully no one thinks the worst of me for this! Today at least the house is mostly clean, no one is falling out of the window and we are doing good!

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