Our wedding day nine years ago today! I thought maybe some of you would like to read a short summery of our wedding story! Here it is!

My wedding was very, very simple. My dress, my 15-year-old sister made. She
Is and was a very good seamstress. It was very simple like the rest of
The wedding. We ended up very sick and should have postponed the wedding,
But didn’t because the entire guest was already there. I had a 103 fever the
Night before and had no voice. It was awful!

Anyhow, our house was full of people, we had 17 people living there at the
Time and tons more were staying there when it was time for our wedding.
There was a huge mix of Russians and Americans and my mother in law was horrified we
were not serving potatoes for our wedding.
They were baking up a storm though and I was lying on my bed, too weak to
even lift a hand!

We made rolls with cheese and meat inside and this Russian crepe like
pancakes with vegetables and ground meat inside. They were sort of like egg rolls, without being fried. We then asked a few trusted friends to make some large salads. Fred's family decorated an ugly building we rented and made it gorgeous! It was so pretty! We put a pot of primroses on each table! They also made all sorts of cakes and cookies to
serve and a beautiful wedding cake.

Our wedding sermon was longer than 2 hours as he translated for himself
In English and then Russian. I do not remember much, except that if your
Wife and donkey fell in the river you should save your wife, not the donkey,
Because you are supposed to love her more than yourself. I still don't quite
get that one! He was so nervous though, he forgot our vows, so later after
the wedding we said some promises to each other in front of my BIL.
My Maid of honor fainted, but didn't fall down, she hit the wall behind her
thankfully and not many people noticed. My dad had to sit down as he almost
fainted and I would have, but they gave me a chair. We should have waited!

I could not eat anything at all, but I heard the cake was very good! I did
cut the cake!

We spent the night in a local motel and Fred's family got there before us
and dumped confetti and chocolate candy everywhere!!! So we worked for
about an hour to clean it up.

We then went home and had to stay in the motor home for the first couple of
days at my parents as we had no car and my husband had his license revoked
a couple of months earlier. We spent half of our wedding money to pay for
the ticket. My dad got a lawyer to help him so we only had to pay one. (He
had been driving without insurance) He vowed to never do this again and learned his lesson thoroughly!

Anyhow, we had no car, no house, no job, our wedding money and that was it.
We lived in my dad's office which had a separate entrance, but no kitchen or
anything. We did get to buy alot of nice kitchen stuff and things that I still use to this day!

We moved to MN before we had been married a year, so when we moved our
stuff to MN we took three days and stopped at some fun places on the way.

We lost a rubber boot on my brother in law's van on the way, because they
had been put on with plastic cable ties in a typical russian fix it fast fashion! We had a table saw and my hope chest which was very heavy in a little dodge van…When they tried to lift it up to fix it, it went nowhere!
Anyhow, I don't know how much we spent on our wedding, but it was less than

Anyhow, I would love to have another wedding, as there were too many things
that were not very good about ours, but I am glad I married my husband!

He is so sweet and we love each other very much!

Tonight we went out to dinner and went shopping! I got the prettiest new nightie!

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  1. Anonymous

    It sounds like a wedding to remember Martha!!! 🙂

  2. gmisch

    Congratulations, Martha! Did you do anything special?

  3. Lilyofthevalley4

    Happy anniversary, Martha!!!! It was fun to read about your special day! May the Lord bless you and Fred!

  4. Anonymous

    Wow Martha! What a wedding. 😀 Ours was a bit of a fiasco, but nothing like yours. 😀

    Happy Anniversary!

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