What a novel idea!!

I am sitting here feeling pretty terrible with the blessing of cramps, bloating and all the lovely things that come with the once a month visitor and trying to collect my thoughts into something legible!

I get asked alot what keeps me busy, I only have 4 children so I should not be too busy, right? I do not work outside my home so I should have lots of extra time….right?

I have a hard time explaining to people that basic things do keep me fairly busy!

True, I do not not try to keep up with laundry, cooking, cleaning, bathing and work outside the home, and some days feel like I fail miserably at even those things, but I have a full time job that many people work everyday getting paid to do. I teach school to the children while I am doing the housework, prepare their lunch (no one packs it for them….I wonder why not?= ) get them clean clothes, try to figure out how one went to bed with hair and woke up without a good chunk in the front, and all the other fun things there enter in.

I made cinnamon rolls this last week when I was half asleep! Yeah…..life has been a bit interesting and tiring for me lately. I either end up so tired I cannot keep my eyes open at the wrong time (when the boys are needing help to get ready for bed) or wide awake at 11:30 pm and wanting to sleep, but it is finally quiet!

So, here I am stopping to think and wondering what it is I stay busy with? What do you think it is? I can understand, I mean when I had one child it was alot of work, two was actuallyeasier, three I felt like I was missing an arm (and used my skirt as an extra one…), four, I feel like I am getting the hang of things sometimes and other times….well, we won’t go there!

But you know, maybe that is the same way people look at me who have 6-8 children is the way I felt growing up with 10 siblings when we met a family with only 4 children, I mean what did they mean they had alot to do?

So, I guess the lesson is everyone’s shoes is equally hard for each of us and we should not think that it is easy because they only have one child or harder because they have 6 because by that time usually you have older ones too and it may actually be easier!

So, there is some weird PMS thinking from my day! Hope you all have a good day and much less painful than me!

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  1. Sandlappersue

    This is so true. We never know what it's like for others really. So many variables make a difference….May the Lord shine His face upon you as you go about your daily work.


  2. Lilyofthevalley4

    Enjoyed reading your thoughts once again. 🙂

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