Yesterday was a fairly normal day, filled with normal stuff, until dinner, my squash had taken longer to cook so I was going to still have some while it was hot.   The boys  though were full of energy, so we watched them outside in the yard for awhile  and had just called them inside. One child was wearing 2 coats  (as that is fun, you all know!) and unseen to me thought  that curtain rods make great swords! It was  for sure a case of  what happens when you do not listen to mom.  Next thing we know as I am saying to stop, my youngest is crying and holding his hand over his eye. Life sort of slowed down for me, I see a fairly good cut above his eye. I am torn! Hmmm, do I lecture the child who is horror stricken holding the curtain rod or figure out how to care for this cut? It will go together, but only if it is held and it is gaping, barely above his eye, below his eyebrow! He is crying, but stops while I try to figure out how to bandage it. <p> Then the decisions! Insurance coverage is not available  yesterday, it may be today, but not yesterday. But  I don;t want him to have a scar badly or a droopy eyelid or something, so off we go to ER. <p> I take the culprit with to help explain the doctor and I have a very excited three year old with a bloody bandage above his eye, prancing around the ER waiting room and leaving no doubt in anyones mind how this child could have possibly gotten hurt! In fact, they have been wondering why they have not seen him before! <p> In the end, they were planning on stitching it, but ended up being able to dermabond it together, but no baths or showers for 3-4 days, so I am very glad he had one yesterday!
He was so good! He lay really still when they came to look and cried after they were done. There was no needles involved as they were able to numb it with a topical numbing stuff because they were just gluing it and it was not too deep, just about an inch long and slightly gaping. <p> So, anyhow, I am in a fog today.  I feel sort of weird and forgetful…..yeah, I guess it comes from being really tired!

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  1. gmisch

    I'm sorry Martha! We had our fair share of ER visits this year. And we RARELY ever go to the dr.! I think every boy except the baby went to the dr. this year for accidents: cut thumb with a saw, cut finger that wasn't getting better, fishhook in the finger, x-rays of the 2yo's legs (he jumped off of the top bunk!)…geesh!

    Sorry you had one more "thing" to deal with…


  2. Anonymous

    This happened to us this summer. It was time for bed and I was just getting off the couch to round the kids up. they were running circles around the kitchen, dining room and living room. Before I could say stop, the 2 year old ran right into the corner in the kitchen. Gaping hole, down to the bone on her forehead. It was very scary! things happen so fast with kids. the dr said it would have healed on it's own, however it was on her face, she is a girl, etc. Better to stitch it and it did need 5. She was brave too. Aren't kids amazing what they can handle? Glad your ds is OK and glad you took him in. Especially around the eye, you just can't be too careful, ya know?

  3. drewsfamilytx

    Oi! We've been there, done that with stitches and dermabond several times.

    Glad his eye is well, though!

  4. amandasangels

    Goodness gracious, boys will be boys won't they! I'm really glad everything turned out okay.
    Love & Blessings,
    (: Amanda 🙂

  5. Lilyofthevalley4

    So glad he is ok!! These things can happen so quickly!!

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