It seems like as winter goes on there are more and more days of school left ahead of us!
These smiling faces are the reason I go on though!
This was sort of a hard week for us, not really because of the school content, but for some reason, everyone was a little whiney, and mom was more tearful than she ever has been before as well!
P1070122“Mom, you are not taking a picture, are you?”
P1070121Language arts in the sun and without a shirt is always better, right?
P1070120Math time!
P1070124Tuesday we had a basketball game after school, so spent from 3 to 9 at the games!
P1070128 P1070127 P1070126
P. shooting free throws!
T. is under those coats. He thought if he pretended to be asleep, maybe the game would be over when he woke up.
P1070133The team honoring the Seniors.
P1070131All the high school teams
P1070130You couldn’t get much closer without cutting someone off.
P1070140Wednesday we decided for history we would take a break from our regular history and learn some local history at the local museum. It was very informative, but I think the tour guide was not the most comfortable with kids.
P1070137This large family with 11 children I believe, was one of the first to settle up here.
P1070136Looking at some of the photos and news clippings on the walls.
P1070141We all got to climb into this Teepee to see what it would be like to live in one.
P1070143 He was having trouble staying still. We all got covered in hair from the animal furs. I did not take many photos as they asked to try not to take photos.
Afterwards, we went to use one of the book coupons they earned by reading this year.
P1070147 P1070146 P1070145 P1070144They love it, but do not stay full long enough!
Thursday- we had worked  on LA and Math again and did not do much science and history, but will resume tomorrow. Mom needed a small break!
L. made banana bread as well!
Friday– we got through Language arts and then did 4 hours of drama and music at play practice. We are doing math this evening after dinner.
P1070151I set up some books and coloring stuff for kids.
P1070152 P1070153 P1070154

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