Do you ever find yourself in a slump?


I think sometimes when life gets busy, it is easy to find ourselves under the weather, so caught up in life that we forget that we are actually living. Time flies by under the guise of dishes, grocery shopping, house cleaning among other mothering jobs.

Last Sunday, in a couple of the sermons, it was mentioned that we never know what tomorrow holds. We don’t know if that unkind word we said might be the last someone would hear. We don’t know if the brush off we gave a friend, was the last words we spoke to them. On the same token, we don’t know if the kind gesture we extended to someone may have touched their life. We may not know when we go out of our way, how it may do something to change their path.

I get frustrated sometimes with daily life, and sometimes all the good things in our life gets in the way of enjoying life. Someone reminded me today that as I homeschool, I need to make sure that they are not remembering us grumpy all the time, but recalling us enjoying being with them or it could be in vain.

It reminded me of why I homeschool, and that even though I face several challenges every day with struggles that we all have, I need to work on finding the jewels and enjoying each one as they are passing more swiftly than I can imagine.

So, I am going to pull myself out of the slump…..stick my nose in the air and be cheerful!

I will enjoy each moment and be thankful for the day I have today, and not worry about the future as much. If I am so concerned about the future and forget about today, it won’t do much good!

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