We have been rather busy! I warned you though! <p>
We did put an offer  on a house last week, since it is owned by a bank we have to be very patient and we may not hear for a couple more days. <p> We  have been sort of racing around like chickens with heads cut off the last  week, first looking at houses, then the offer, painting our  house right now and trying to make things look nice. Things were completely torn apart today still.
<p> First we painted the hallway, next the boys room, so some of the stuff from their room was in the living room, it was all torn apart and  of course you discover broken pieces of crayons, torn papers, dirty clothes shoved places  etc. so it was a adventure! It looks wonderful though!  Then F. started on the living room, but it still had furniture from the boys room, the living room curtains, pictures and furniture had to come apart too so things were just a disaster. 
<p> Thursday we did the house offer, Friday I had a service project instead of bible study which was great, had to run some papers around town, and had a MOPS things in the evening which was very nice (a hot chocolate bar….very fun), Saturday we had a church ladies tea fellowship at Perkins and then at 4 pm. I had a birthday party for my two oldest sons and my nephew. Sunday I was in the nursery at church. In the meantime, we are trying to put our house back together with the paint and the normal dishes, laundry etc of life.  <p> There has been some trying moments, but I am really amazed at the peace I have. A couple of times I felt this panic starting to come, but a really wonderful assurance in my heart that God is control of everything has been really a neat blessing. This is one of the biggest things I have done in my life, I think right next to getting married, so I really appreciate prayer. It has been good for me to stop and pray so many times and just trusting that really God knows where we should live, what we will find, how we will work things out etc.  <p> I know this is not to say i am not going to have those panic moments, but God is control! I have a long list for tomorrow and I am sure the next day. I am not sure how much  bookwork we will get done, hopefully we can finish up P.’s math book this next week though and our reading soon after that. I am going to have him reading lots of library books, I think this next while!
<p> I am up late making a coffee cake dough for MOPS tomorrow and waiting for my boys to get home. They went with my mom yesterday and it is a long dark ride home with my sister.
Check back to see more pictures of our painting and maybe we will be back out looking at houses again, who knows?

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