I have really been struggling with many things this past week. Life seems to have not slowed down much at all, but instead rushed by pell-mell.
My mom badly wanted us to go to Family camp with her, Fred seemed to want to go, which was exciting to me so I said sure. The day I got there though I got really sick. I ended up sleeping almost all day, had a fever, headache and was so achy! Neverminding on top of this, the baby was teething and we didn't sleep well.
Fred enjoyed canoeing with the boys and swimming, playing in the water. They had a african-american preacher who was really good, but for some reason one thing I was struggling with was listening. It seems like very so often I really struggle with dealing with the past, the condemnation of never being good enough and always repenting. I know there is a good place for all of it, but I just wish I could go back to being so simple!!!
Anyhow, Fred spent awhile in Libby then mowing Maria's grass. It was so tall and tons of work! He then came home and worked with Uncle Terry on his yard all day too. He really enjoyed having a job though for the day!
So, I am getting things ready for school. I am hoping to get more food to put up, I think I will buy some peaches so I can make some peach jam as I love it so much! I froze some rhubarb and am going to do some peas today! I am hoping for some tomatoes too, and plums.
Anyhow, I really felt strongly after almost freaking out last week, that I was to quit my job at Market Star. I did, so I am trusting God to provide the money for us. I am also praying that I calm down .

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