has been the constant around here since early this morning. They are replacing the driveway in front of our house so they were dumping gravel, pour hot tar, oil etc on the road. There is men out there yelling orders and the beeping for trucks and tractors. The house has a vibrating quality to it and along with rain and thunder we got earlier, it has been a loud day!

We have been a part of the summer reading program at the library and the boys have been doing fairly well at keeping up! At least Paul has! It has really modivated him. I am thinking that even when it is over we will have a chart too for book-its maybe if we can so we can keep him reading! His reading is really improving better than it was when he was just doing the phonics and reading. I am not sure where we will be at when summer ends, but hopefully doing better and ready to go on to the next grade. At least it should be easier for him.

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