Tuesdays are always a bit busy! We wake up and  feed the boys breakfast, but more often than not, they do not like to eat right away in the morning, except for the youngest  and would rather eat when they get home from piano lessons. The three oldest boys are all taking piano lessons from a friend at church. They get home  then after an hour lessons and we feed them and do some school before they have had science classes most of the year on Tuesdays. They have taken some classes that are just  P. and some is both P. and H. They have learned about all sorts of things! This Tuesday, P. made silly putty and learned about polymers! <p>
While they are at class for 2 hours, we do school with the ones at home.
Who me, mom? I would never do anything to make any trouble when you are trying to do school!! = )

L. has been doing some school on Time4Learning, which is nice, but a little expensive!
T. likes to do it too!

L. always smiling!!

Then next we head off to pick them up and go to the library for Chess club. Again P. and H. play chess and so I am upstairs with L. and T. and we work on the computer and look for books!

All set and ready to go, Mom!!!

Ready to use the computer!!

Picking out a book……we took a tour of the library and they discovered where the cookbooks are and it is their favorite place to look for books.
Got one, on Pasta and Noodles!!

We end up with a whole bunch of books!!!
I read that one Exposed…..that was a really good book, it was a hard read, but something that really irritates me so it was good for me!
Then we are off to bring P. to a Writing and Grammar class. On the way home, since it was nice out, we thought we would stop and play at  a park and get some P.E.
Doesn’t it look like fun? It makes me want to get out and run with them, which I do sometimes, but not when it is still cold!
They were making trains on the slide!
After this we picked up P. and went home for dinner! It is a long day!!!

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