I do not always have time to read David Wilkerson’s newsletters, but when I do I am usually so encouraged, I always wonder why i do not take the time to read them more often. <p> This morning was no exception!  He speaks about  the story in 1 Samuel, where David has to rescue his wives, children etc. from the Amalekites (which was odd to me because Saul gets in trouble earlier in 1 Sam. when he utterly destroyed them. I guess he missed more than the king!!). Anyhow, 200 of his men were too tired to go fight, so they watched the stuff. When they got back the men who fought said it was not fair that the men who sat there got to share in the spoils, but David said that it was. (Big paraphrase!!!) <p> Anyhow, David W. took this a little further and  talked about missions. There are some of us who wish we were able to go out on the mission field, but are too tired, sick, don’t have money etc. and we are at home "Staying by the stuff". We pray for the missionaries, send them bits of money when we can, but we do not feel it is much! He encourages us saying that "Those that stay by the stuff should share equally in the spoils (or blessings)."  He  also encourages us to make sure we love one another because if we do big things, it is all nothing if we do not have love.  <p> That struck me hard this morning as I get discouraged  that I cannot do big things for God, but it also encouraged me  to make sure I have love to other people and do my duty, staying by the stuff!

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  1. drewsfamilytx

    We all have a part– and like the widow's mite, God doesn't think that your gift is small at all, Martha!

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