Anna Karenina:

A friend and I tackled this very thick book of classic lit. It is an interesting day when you get to page 671 and you have not finished the book! What a book! We sat and discussed all the many twists and turns of this story of betrayal of marriages. We both came to the conclusion how this book shows that adultery, for whatever it’s reasons, does not in the end bring happiness, but the sadness in Anna’s life that pretty much drives her mad, drove her away from her son, caused her so she could not connect to her new baby daughter and leaves her empty in the search for happiness. Without friends, without joy in life and loss of her faith, what else does she have?

Then you have another couple, Stephen and Dolly, who chooses to forgive her husband for a dalliance and move on with her marriage. He however, although he says the right words of repentance, proves throughout the following years he is not repentant, and she looks the other way and their example gives reason for Anna to think what she did was okay.

Then the third marriage pair, Kitty and Levin, who have so many trials to overcome to even get married (Which by the way, we would love, whenever our heart is broken by simply awful circumstances to get sick and everyone proclaim us dying!! Why is it not that way?)
Anyhow, they overcome their trials and marry and discover marriage is hard work. They have chances to be unfaithful as well, but they shun it and move forward, communicating with one another and talking out things. Levin exclaims how it was not like he thought it would be, but later says he has learned patience.

I think of why Anna was unhappy in her marriage which caused her to leave. Her husband was neglectful, he paid little to no attention to her, did not stimulate her in conversation, yet was it cause for divorce and adultery? Then she could hardly get counseling, yet, I think if she had been able to persevere, she would have been able to be much happier in the marriage than out of it. It reminded me of you know when you are picking berries and you get one that looks so lovely, yet has a bitter aftertaste.

She took what she thought would be a wonderful berry, stolen though from someone else, abandoned her son for something better, and ended up losing everything.

It was an interesting book, it certainly had alot of languages in it. German, Russian, and French……

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