But i am tired! i really do not want to go grocery shopping this week! i did some extra shopping last week so it should be light this week, but really, I have too much to do! I am sitting here listening to my son read to the other one to try to earn a ticket to Silverwood by having ten hours of reading done. He is up to the amount he needs, but my younger son needs  quite a bit more, so we are trying. Since we are lacking in schoolwork this week, the extra hour-hour and half of reading should help, I think! Right now he is reading a story about Anne Frank for younger readers (a DK book0 <p>
I should take some pictures of how messy it has been here lately, with trying to empty out cupboards, drawers and  shelves so many things have no place to go so they are just all over! There are piles of boxes all over also and cooking is getting increasingly difficult as I pack stuff I think I will not need! One good thing to know, I really use most of the things I own almost everyday! I pack them and pretty much have missed them, even my books!   I realized we do not own alot of extras! When i was buying house insurance and they give you over $100K to replace your belongings, I wondered if I have stuff worth that much. It seems like maybe 10K would replace most stuff, maybe I am just blind though! Our new house is insured as of Friday though!! <p>Anyhow, our menu will look a little different this week. I am trying to make sure that  I have enough stuff so I am going to try to bake some things for the days ahead!
<p> Menu for this week:
<p> Wednesday:  Pasta and meatballs with ricotta (I have meatballs in the freezer, sauce and ricotta from last week)
Thursday: Ham, mashed potatoes, applesauce and salad (Ham bought last week, salad stuff and potatoes)
Friday: Cheesy Scalloped potatoes and ham in crockpot (Have everything)
Saturday:  Bean soup in crockpot (have everything) Bread in bread machine
Sunday:  Overnight egg bake with sausage or ham (have eggs, sausage and ham)
Monday:  Potato soup in crock pot, salad  (Have potatoes, celery, bacon, sour cream etc and salad stuff)
Tuesday: Pizza store bought, I have  a feeling I cannot cook much! Probably leftovers too! <p> I would like to try to this meat roll on a friend’s blog Slavian Meat Roll
It will probably have to wait for next week or the following week! <p> Shopping List:<p>
Mozzarella cheese
Lunch meat if I can find it cheap for fast easy lunches- maybe turkey ham
Paper plates, bowls and plastic silverware
I am planning on lots of sandwiches and leftovers for lunch and cereal for breakfast.
We’ll see how this works out! Hopefully I remember to get the dinner in the crockpot before the day starts. Any ideas on how to streamline that?

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  1. Anonymous

    Hello I work 40 hrs plus a week on overnights. 10pm-6am. I love my crockpot. I start the next night dinner prep while I am cleaing up from the dinner of that day. When I get home in the moring I take 5 minutes and put it all together. Nothing better then a nice hot meal after a busy day or in my case when I wake and go get our kids from school.

    Or while the coffee pot is making the first cup of the day quick put dinner together throw the dishes in the dishwasher so you can run it with the breakfast dishes.

    Good luck

  2. Anonymous

    Martha, for some reason I always have a hard time finding your blog. I've checked it occasionally for months and never saw a new post….I think i was doing something wrong. And once I read what I THOUGHT was your blog and you said something about your baby girl and i sent you this big happy note and then realized it was someone else's blog…felt a little silly. So anyway…now I found yours!
    You're buying a house!! Thats crazy! Good for you! I hope the packing and moving goes well! And all the snow melts!

  3. Anonymous

    I think I might have it properly linked now. I've always had your blog on mine but I must have somehow linked to only one page because it always took me to an Oct. 30 post. It was only when I went through Maria's that I actually realized you DO blog and I'm months behind. Go figure. So this morning I caught up on yours, maria's, and moriahs! 🙂 I miss you guys. Sometimes I really wish you still lived just up the hill! We didn't know how lucky we were to always have such easy access to close friends!

  4. loefflermom

    I do enjoy seeing your menu. I am glad that you post it.

    Do you think spring will ever come?

    Have a blessed weekend.


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