I know so many people do it, but how many of them do it successfully is the question! <p> I have two main things I do at home that make money, but  I thought I would share about my doula work. It is a neat thing to be able to do, although it does take you away from home, it is not often. <p> I started because  I have helped at many births just because they needed an extra person, it was a relative etc. and  was told that  I was comforting, knew the right thing to do. That is a wonderful thing to hear, when you are helping someone and doing some good. You feel like you are ministering to someone, yet they often pay you  when you are done. <p> It is hard work and for sure something you should be suited to do.  Laboring mothers, I am sure we all know, if you have been there, are picky about who is there, what noises are made, etc.  It is not the time to talk usually. If you are not okay with being quiet, don’t pick this job!  <p> It is physically challenging! You know how when you are in labor you use muscles you did not know you had? Well, as a doula you use many of those same muscles and I sit and think of exercises to do at home to strengthen them so I am not so sore when I return home. <p> There are times when labors are short and other ones when they are long. I would never recommend a mother with a nursing baby try to do this, it can be too awkward with that. <p> The nice thing I have found is usually labor begins at night, so you are gone all night, not all day, although I have been gone all night and day! <p> I  went to a excellent class  from Dona to become a certified doula. It was so informative and really taught me alot!
<p>  I did not want to be a midwife, there is too much responsibility in that, but I love to help people and comfort them.  I love  helping a mother do  one of the most  intense things she will ever experience and being a part of that.  It is a great way to minister to people and yet add to our income.  I usually only have one every 3 months right now  or less, well sometimes more often, but  you can charge anywhere from $250-500 some people charge for a birth. 

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  1. drewsfamilytx

    Great idea, Martha. I guess I never really thought about being just a doula– but always assumed that it would always mean being a midwife down the road. I'm with you– too much responsibility for me.

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