1. Never snicker at a story your friend with more children has told you  and in your head or out loud think that it  will never happen to you as most likely it will happen to you. If not the first child or even the second child….it may be your husband  or the dog…but you will have a similar story to tell someday.
  2. If the house is a mess, and you cannot get it clean, it is best to  do your best and try the next day. Sometimes  it just will not happen.
  3. You will probably at one time or another bribe your child with some kind of candy or sweet treat to just be quiet right now at one time or another, even though you vowed you would never do this.
  4. There are some rules that you cannot allow to be broken. They are different for everyone, but it is okay to have those.  People may laugh and say you are silly, but it is okay, stick to them. There is plenty of other stuff that will go by the wayside. One of mine is no rocks in the house. They can have rock collections outside, in the flower bed or driveway, but not in my house.
  5. It is alright to not allow certain things in the house that cause you more work.  Non-washable markers, non-washable paint, super glue and other such things. They are just more hassle than they are worth and hey, there are other types of things that work in their place that are not as much work.
  6. It is okay if they do not get a bath  as much as the book says you should give them.  A little dirt is healthy, right? = )
  7. Read up on how much dirt and bugs a person ingests in their lifetime, without meaning to and it will make you feel better about the things that your child has put in their mouth.
  8. Most swallowed items if they are small, pass within 24-36 hours…..
  9. You will become more and more like your mother than you ever wanted to be and probably your grandmother as well.
  10. You will make mistakes. Children are very forgiving, if you are  sorry and a bit of humble pie is always the best route to go.
  11. Always count on a baby boy to have to use the bathroom when you change his diaper. It does not always happen, but be prepared is the best policy. Those few times it did happen when I was not prepared had some interesting stories along with it. <p>

Seeing as I have only been a mom for a short time still, I have a feeling I am going to have alot more lessons to learn, but hey….11 lessons in 11 years! That is not too bad! Happy Mothering to you all!

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  1. missyh

    I loved reading this!! So true!!

    I've been reading your blog for a long time. Thanks for taking the time to write it!

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