I cannot believe it has already been a week since I last posted!!!
Well, this week  I am going to spend my normal grocery money on a few things I have to have and then on stocking up for the winter stuff, like stuff to can, dry, freeze. I spent $5 so far this week and I got 20 lbs of potatoes and a bag of fresh broccoli and 2 dozen eggs which were "free" from a couple of coupons I had. The potatoes were part of my stocking, although that is not alot of potatoes, we had some still like 30 lbs I think still or around there.  I find potatoes are a cheap, whole food that we can eat. Alot of them are grown around here too!
<p> Tonight I made these really easy cookies that  have no flour in them. They were so easy and really good! Not very healthy for you, but really good tasting! It was just peanut butter, sugar, egg and baking powder and then I added chocolate chips. 
<p> I had a crazy evening….I ran all evening and am all wound up feeling. We had fun playing games tonight, but there was only 3 of us so it was a small group. It is always hard when you work to plan something and no one feels like it is something they can do and show up for one reason or another. The thing is, many people have good reasons, but I just have been sad lately because it seems like we do not put enough importance on  human relationships. I know i did a study in the bible and what it says about how important friendship is. It is not talking about just your husband…which is also important or your siblings, which is important too, but there are so many verses dealing with what a important thing friendship and fellowship with brethen is.   I know there are times when you focus on it too much, but all the time? I cannot say how many times I have talked to  not just one, not even just three people, but 5-8 people and all of them are too busy to spend time with other people, and before I start thinking it is me, it is not just me, I have seen it going that way with other people. I get scared to invite people over, because most likely they will turn me down. I just wonder if  we have put our values in the wrong places.
I remember when I moved to the city for the first time since I was little when I was first married, and the thing that struck me was how busy everyone was…..and not with things that would last. They worked 12-14 hours a day so they could pay barely for their house, and yet  they could never live for working. My SIL’s apartment was $900 a month, and food was expensive….if you worked, grocery shopped, you ate, slept, worked and died. My sister and I did not have a car and we were in our house 24/7 pretty much except for church meetings.  We rarely even made it to the grocery store because our husbands had the only car and were gone from 5 am – about 6:45 pm and if we had church, they did not have time to at let alone take us to a grocery store.  Yet in a town of so many people, no one really noticed….because they were too busy to take the time to notice or even ask.  That is sort of an extreme example, but you know, I realized last year that when I die….I am  going to care  about a few things, how much time I spent serving the Lord, spending time with my family and spending time listening and being friends with others.  I do not want to be too busy to spend time with others, life is fleeting. My grandma died last December and we had one year we spent with her….I did not get to do alot of things that were "important", but  she is gone now and I am not sorry for giving up my time to spend with her, even though it was not always pleasant. Cleaning  a hole in someones foot is not always pleasant,  but you know, even that I am glad I got to do it.
<p> Anyhow, so today, I want to challenge you to take time to spend with friends, your family, and do things even though you have a million things to do on your to do list.  Take the day to spend with a relative,  bring your husband lunch at work….even though you should be doing laundry….you never know when your husband may not be here, but the laundry will be there tomorrow as clothes are always getting dirty!  Take  time to be with friends, you never know when your encouragement by being there may be the thing that kept them from despair that day.<p>
Books I read:
Torrent Falls by Jan Watson 392 pages
Elenas Song 300 some pages

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  1. drewsfamilytx

    That is so true about making time for an evening with friends! You never regret it once the evening starts– but sometimes we can get so worked up with the "busyness" surrounding it.

    I am, as always, impressed with your menu planning! Your meals always sound so yummy! :-)

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