It is been a nice fall, but it for sure time to get out the coats even though  the boys think they are fine without them. <p> Yesterday, H. finished his reading book, so he was excited! i was excited for him too! Anyhow, we had been invited to go to the pumpkin patch again with some people from church, so I decided  to go ,because it was a day where they really needed to just run! <p> It is a little spendy, but you do get alot of pumpkin to take home, so I guess that was good! <p> I have been trying to figure out if I should attempt pumpkin butter as it sounds so good, but  most of the recipes I find say it is not safe for canning. I am not sure how to freeze it as none of the recipes I have found are for freezing!  Otherwise I will be cubing the pumpkin and canning it that way, then later mashing it for pumpkin bread etc. <p> One nice thing about the weather getting colder, is it is so nice to curl up with a book.  I read a book last night called "Oak Leaves". If any of you have not read it, I would encourage you to check if your library has it. It was a really good book.  It is fiction, but a good fictional read.  It is a family, nowadays and their long ago relatives. They carried a genetic disorder called Fragile X, but back a long time ago, they did not know what it was called and called it a curse. It was interesting to me to see how God used this in many people’s lives.  <p> I also read another book this last week called Miss Willie by Janice Wiles.  It was an older book, and sort of reminded me of Christy, but not in the ways I disliked Christy. <p>  An older maiden aunt comes to teach school in the hills and finds a life for herself there. There was one scene I could have skipped, but I skimmed fast over it…that is what is nice about books. <p>

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  1. pbrfans1

    I can't remember which one of my recipe books had it, but the other day I found a recipe and directions on how to can pumpkin…I'll have to find it, but when I do I'll give it to you.

  2. stillearning

    I didn't realize that you couldn't can pumpkin? Maybe if you use a high heat/pressure cooker? I have a Ball canning book that I'm sure the library would have. I'll have to see if there are any recipe's in there? Pumpkin butter sound really yummy and I'm sure would be a big hit in our house! We haven't bought any pumpkins this year but they are fun. I make a mock-tomato sauce with pumpkin that is pretty good.

    God Bless, Pam

  3. Sandlappersue

    for posting your menu! I hope to do the same today or tomorrow. We are on a low budget now as well this month. I think we will be "souping" each other to death! LOL I am studying your menus and all so I can help stretch our's. Gotta love frugal blogs!
    Oh, I haven't been to it yet but there's suppose to be a
    I don't know if it's worth the time but you never know. I am going to it later. Have a blessed day with your family in the nice cool weather!

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