There is alot of talk on other blogs about the Duggar's, since they just had their 16th baby! I still have to say even though I come from a large family, I have to admire her for having that many children, and for keeping them as orderly as it seems! Anyone who can go on TV with their house is good!
Now, you see I think we had a wonderful upbringing. No, it was not perfect. We were not rich, our house was not always clean and tidy. But you know, we had alot of fun growing up! Instead of having all the latest toys, we had our imagination! I read books and then pretended to go there in my imagination! I went to Africa the most!
We also traveled alot as children. I have been to Wash. DC (and we were not politically involved) and lived there for 6 months, I have been to Cape Cod, Plymouth Rock, World Trade Centers (when they were standing) DisneyLand several times, and on and on! So, I had plenty of time and fuel for imagination!
We were very poor by some standards at times, especially after we moved to MT. But when we wanted something, then mom would say, “Let's earn money so you can have it!” I had my own bike, a cedar chest, new shoes etc., but we learned to work hard for it.
I don't think it damaged me to have to work for what I got! Isn't that what we want all our children to learn?
We played with in the woods alot! We lived next door to a large family and their girls and us had secret mailboxes together, we did chores together and fought alot too! The nighborhood we lived in was in a Amish community and was safe. I would go for bike rides and walks by myself to go visit a friend or go to the Amish store or just to get the mail was about 1/2 a mile or more!
When we moved to Libby, I was lonely, so….I started writing pen-pals. I made many good friends in the mailbox, some of which I still have today! My sister and I were the closest friends though. Even though we were 3 years apart in age, it still doesn't seem like it. We shared a room for the first 15 years of our lives and loved it until that point! We then got our own rooms so we could stay friends!
You see, she liked to throw her clothes on the floor and I didn't, I cleaned the room so it looked clean, she cleaned once a month so it was clean, but the rest of the time it was messy.
You know, when we both married young, we shared a house for the first year or 2 after were married. It was great! I think it had to do with how young we were and how far from family we were. I think we would have died all alone!
My dad and mom went through alot of church struggles, but my dad taught us history of why things were the the way they were in church. We know the history behind Easter and how John Wesley was not a Christian even when he was preaching, we read about George Muller and his daily diary of having no money and food and God providing, and we discussed our views with Dad.
You know, as children we disliked it? But you know, I am so glad dad did that with us now! It really helped me to have a firm foundation of what I believed growing up!
Dad and Mom also went through starting your own business struggles and the depression that sometimes goes with losing money to a business. They were real people and it was hard to go through that. We all saw first hand though how not to do things and how borrowing money from friends can be a heartache.
Even now, mom and dad are reaising our brothers and sisters totally different than the way we were raised, I don't see it as wrong, but it is different.
I am glad I was raised the way I was. I pray that I can teach my boys some of the same values we grew up with.
Paul the other day, after finishing school for the day, said “Well, now that is done, I am on my way to college.” Pretty high thinking for a first grader! But, really it is good! I want them to think of their goals in life from this young age! I want them to aim high like we did!
We were poor, but we thought we could do great things! You know, one of my sister is a nurse and also has a Medical assistant degree. I have some EMT training and am a homemaker, my other sister has 2 AA degrees in Math, my brother is in college heading towards a Law degree. My other sisters and brothers are full of high goals from being a Mom to a Chef and a Lawyer and since we were tauight how to do what we want to do, I have no doubt they will make it happen!
Hope you enjoyed my little discourse on big families!

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  1. Sandlappersue

    Thank you for the memories. Enjoying your posts!

  2. happy at home

    Thanks for sharing this Martha! I enjoyed reading a little of your background. I’m enjoying your blog!

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