I had one of the most hectic mornings ever!!! I slept good though last night which was a first in a very long time!! I think it helped I stayed up until 2 am, is that nuts, or what? Anyhow, Maria called and was heading out to buy paint, Fred was going to ride with her, but the car place said mom's car was fixed so he was going to drive that up. I have to get the children up out of bed, take them to Moriah's, then hurry get to a doctor's appointment with still trying to figure out abut mom's car vs. Fred driving with Maria. I get to the doctor and they say, the doctor is running a half hour late, can you run a errand? I took Fred over to the car, drop him off, get some gas and head back to the doctor. After I leave to go get the children Fred calls. The car is overheating and boiling over, which they just replaced the radiator! It took him forever to get back into town, the shop people came and got it and are seeing what is wrong. Anyhow, we all felt bad because it left Maria with no painting help! When I reached Moriah's it was 1 already and I had not eaten anything so started to almost feel like fainting! Anyhow, long day already, but I am home and glad the marathon is done!

Yesterday this man finished the little awning over our stairs and built the cutest little railing (or I think it is cute), I planted some lilies in the yard and it is really pretty, I think! maybe I will take a picture of it!

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