We think, maybe, or maybe not…our state is fickle….you never know what the weather may do. We had such a hot July, then August has been so nice and cool, it is almost cold lately! <p> One Tuesday we went to the produce stand  down the road and bought a bunch of fruit and vegetables. We had some of the best corn on the cob that I have had in a long time. It was really tasty! I got a bunch of chicken legs that night that we baked and I stuck a bunch in the freezer because that way we can just pull out a leg for a quick lunch. It is better than a hot dog! Back to the produce stand though, I bought a box of peaches and a box of apples. It was like 20 something pounds in each box. <p>They are mostly just to eat, but  I went to  a friend’s house today to help her can peaches. It was fun! The children pulled beets, and got all wet playing in the water. It started raining right before we left, which was nice.  I drove her to her car, then headed home  to try to get dinner which was nachos, then  take care of my grandma. <p> It was a busy day! Thankfully my headache was not here today, I think alot of it was stress.  <p> Well, my freezer is full, I have not as much canned goods as I would like, but you know, I think life will be okay! <p> Has anyone else been shocked that milk prices jumped up today? I was amazed today at milk and cheese prices even at Costco, where usually they are cheap, they were cheaper than other places still, but  jumped up still! I guess the price of feed and everything really is showing. I sit sometimes and think about how it would be nice to have a cow again. I heard today that one family who co-ops their milk  for $5 a gallon!  That is unbelievable! You know what is worse? People pay it!  If we sold ours for $2  a gallon, it used to pay for itself without selling very much. I am sure costs have gone up…so maybe that is why?  Is their milk that good? Well, it sure would be nice sometimes. Too bad I dislike goats milk so much! <p> Well, 4 days of school done, tonight my oldest son was doing  extra math.  I know he likes it, but won’t really admit it, I think my second one is going to be a reader though! He  is taking to it better every day! We are reading a Pathway reader right now,  it takes me back to when  we had this little school three days a week and homeschooled the other two.  I remember my little sister reading those same readers with our neighbor. We are all grown up now and have a bunch of children ourselves. <p>Anyhow, so, tomorrow, I am going to teach school, maybe make some peach jam, meet to help plan food for a wedding at our church and take each step of the following days, one at a time!

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    Hi. Something that I'm trying for the first time this week is buying whole milk and watering it down to make more milk. My 3 preschool/toddler sons drink 2% normally. They like to drink their milk, but not their water so much, so this is a good solution. I bought gallons on sale for $2.79 this week and if I add half water to half milk, it makes one gallon for $1.39. Not too bad at all! I'm still doing some research to make sure that I'm not taking anything away from them nutritionally by doing this.

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