I really like to read Grace Livingston Hill books! I don't know how many others there out there like me, but you know what I love about them?

The characters have excellent character, (They will not sacrifice character for money) they strive to dress modestly in all situations. There are times when a young lady is without her hat out of doors and is so embarassed, so fashions a hat out of a hanky or the like.
She is frugal, making wonderful meals out of homemade things at home, but simple food! Some of the characters are very poor, yet they stretch things to make them work.

Of course there is many unrealistic things in them too…which is why they are a fault of mine!!

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  1. Anonymous

    I so dearly love my collection- I have collected her books for the last 25 years and I believe I have them all. Precious reading!! Happy Thanksgiving. Pam in Palatine,Illinois.

  2. Martha

    Oh, really? What is your favorite one?
    I really enjoyed Brentwood, and In the Way off the top of my head!

  3. Anonymous

    Matched Pearls and The Prodigal Daughter-most favorite but I could pick any one and get reading right away! 🙂 Pam

  4. Martha

    Oh, Prodigal girl is so good too!

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