and it is only three o’clock? I keep thinking it is time for dinner and bed! I woke up early this morning for me and got up  as my list of things to do was going through my head, but I have gotten some things done! <p>

  1. Find insurance quote and mail to loan officer
  2. Copy certificate of first time home buyers class and mail to same person
  3. Pack cupboard above laundry
  4. Go through old knitting magazines
  5. Wash light fixture bowls in kitchen
  6. Make dinner- pizza or lasagna, maybe both and keep  the lasagna in the freezer for next week.
  7. File papers in office
  8. Clean off table in office
  9. Organize drawer in desk
  10. Get rid of some of the stuff in van-some is gone
  11. Shop for new fridge and stove- I have been reading consumer reports etc. I could use advice
  12. Pack more boxes- continual job of which I have done some today, so can’t really cross it off
  13. Bathe boys– three out of four are done.
  14. Take pictures of magazine to sell, upload, re-size and transfer
  15. Clean out under plastic bag drawer
  16. Call plumber and Electrician and schedule  work for house
  17. Send phone # to friend for summer lawn job
  18. Advertise on bartering site doula service

So, I have more to do, but  at least I am working on some things!, I guess I am really too busy to be on the computer, but I am feeling tired! I bought a huge thing (half gallon) of plain yogurt yesterday as it was only $2.19. I also had a coupon for strawberries for .98 so we sliced the strawberries in the yogurt and then melted the rest of the honey out of a jar that needed to be washed and still had to add a little sugar and ate it with grape-nuts for a snack! It was really good! We still have alot of yogurt left still…..<p>  If anyone has advice on buying fridges or stoves, let me know. I  am looking for a basic gas range and basic fridge with water filter I think for a family of 6.

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  1. Lilyofthevalley4

    That's a long list of things to do!! 🙂

  2. dbfox97

    Try in your area. There are always great deals on there and sometimes there is even free stuff. I hope this helps.

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