When I was given the chance to review April’s edition of Real Simple, I was excited! There is a wonderful article in this issue that is called Back to Basics Cleaning.
 It is full  of all sorts of real, basic cleaning tips that use natural cleaners and things you probably have in your kitchen or fridge right now! The opening statement says it well….."Toothpaste does more than make your teeth sparkle; it can make your house shine too! the same goes for salt, vegetable oil, and a a host of other inexpensive everyday items. Here is 78 all-natural solutions to make quick work of countless cleaning chores."<p>
The article is written by Nicole Sforza and reporting by Allegra Muzzillo and Elizabeth Jenkins
It is an issue you really want to pick up! I  am eager to try out some of these easy cleaning methods. I really hate strong soaps and cleaners, but like the clean smell and also hate the grime that seems to happen when I attempt to not use them.  From lemons to toothpaste to clean your sink faucets, table salt to clean your artificial flowers if you have any and this one I found especially neat! White bread to clean oil paintings! We have oil painting my grandma and great-grandmother painted and they are so hard to figure out how to dust. They say use a piece of white bread to gently dab on the painting to clean it.  Finally, a good use for white bread as it certainly is not edible!!
<p> I  think the purchase of this issue this month is worth it just for this article, but the magazine is also  full of other really helpful tips and articles. From organizing your bathroom, new ways to cook rice, slow cooker recipes, a 20 minute workout, how to get the cheapest flights, and more, this will be one you will not be sorry you picked up.
My copy was here and I already had two people ask to borrow mine!!<p>
If you visit their website you can check this interactive tool that goes along with this article.
How to clean your house naturally
There is also on that same page, there are other tools for stain remover tips and other things. <p> There is a link on the homepage as well to get a free trial issue..check it out!

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