We had uncommonly warm weather for this time of year last week and it decided to get colder again and has been snowing again on and off  yesterday and today. It did not really stick around though….
I forgot to wear a sweater a couple times though and that was a bit chilly!
<p> No pictures today, I have been trying to just stay afloat here. My laundry room got really messed up. i don’t know if this ever happens to anyone else, but it seems like when I get something clean and organized, then someone decides to make a tent and pull things out, or play store and all the cans come off the shelf and never seem to make it all back on or  the dirty clothes never make it in the hamper some of the time etc.
Or your hangers in your closet get broken when a 4 year old decided to hang on the clothing and in a matter of minutes almost everything is on the floor and it can take a long time to get things pulled back together.
I just feel  a bit overwhelmed lately and longer days are coming. My third son is supposed to have surgery to remove his tonsils etc. and have tubes put in and I keep wondering if I made the right choice, did I get the right doctor, I feel a little bowled over! <p>
Tonight we went to a homeschool play of Jungle book, which the boys really enjoyed! Even my youngest and  it was well done! They were so thrilled and got to see alot of people they knew in it. Wouldn’t you know the two boys who were the crack ups, were one of my sons friends? They play chess together! It was fun to do it and relax for a bit,  but then you come home and I was so tired I want to just go to sleep. But I had to feed them, get them ready for bed and now I am so tired I forgot where I put my pajamas!!
<p> So, anyhow, to all of you good night! i had better go on a search since now I got a new toothbrush that hopefully does not mysteriously vanish……at least i am pretty sure they are only brushing their own teeth with it, but I would like to keep my own toothbrush, thank you very much!
<p> But tomorrow is another day that I get to spend with my children and even though they make me alot of work and let me see where I am failing, they are alot of fun to be with and I am so glad I have them!

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