We had to move the wedding to Faith Bible church because of the rain, but by the time the wedding time came around it has stopped!

They decided to keep it there and just got started a bit late. Mishael looked very pretty and happy, she was up talking to everyone and came outside in her wedding dress because no one was coming in to eat when she wanted them to!

The food was great! I wish I would have taken a picture of that. Sue had it set really pretty, a whole taco bar. It was rally tasty and there was not much wasted food.

I had to stop a few young men (they were older too and should have known better) to stop from throwing cheesecake around. I guess my stern look works because they behaved at least when they were in my sights! Hmm, I have come a long way! I remember Sergey laughing at me trying to be stern with Paul, because it sounded funny coming from me! I guess I have improved! Hopefully……

After the wedding we all went to Kootenai Falls. All I had broght was sandals and dress shoes, so because it was wet, I chose to wear the dress shoes. Thankfully they are more Mary Jane shoes and not slippery. The river is so full so the falls were really pretty!

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  1. Anonymous

    It looks like you guys pulled it off beautifully! ~Diana

  2. Martha

    If you look close the groomsman were not all matching, but they all had black and white on! It may have been black jeans and tennis shoes, but it was black and white!

  3. cappuccinosmom

    Just dropping in to say hi!

    Looks like a lovely wedding! I love weddings. 😀

    And I enjoyed your post on “rights”. You are right on the money with that one!

  4. Lilyofthevalley4

    Looks like it was a beautiful wedding. Thanks for sharing the pictures! The girls are sweet!

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