but hey, we still ate!!!
Today though we are having a roast meant for Saturday  and Sunday  we ate sandwiches instead……Saturday we ended up eating a really late lunch and having ice cream at dairy Queen, so we were all too full for dinner, although we had snacks later.
<p> Life goes on like that!!! <p>
We started soccer and it is overlapping with swimming and it is not good! Plus everyone got sick, which they always do every year this time of year and I am praying they all get better so we can  let things go smooth the rest of this week. <p> I am really ready for the next two months to just stay home and do school a whole bunch, but I kind of doubt it will happen, as there are some important things to be done. <p>
One thing is that a friend over in Spokane had a baby and he  had surgery this morning. I would really like to get over there to visit with his mother, but we will have to see how life goes, but I am hoping over spring break maybe we can.

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