I have been busy preparing and going through everything to make sure I am all ready for the year. I spent a couple of days at the library, putting the first four weeks of books on hold that I might need.
Last night, I spent several hours, preparing the binders for the year.
ImageThese are the History notebooks where hopefully they will fill them with lovely notebooking pages. We will see.
These I see getting used often. They have folders for each day of the week in them. I will place assignments in them that need to be done, whether at home or on the go.
There will also be a calendar page with the activities such as field trips, basketball, classes etc. in the back of each one that will be changed out every month and/or added to. Our Sept. calendar is not complete as of yet, so it is not in there.
ImageThe inside of the binder.
These are a few of the books that I will be using with my youngest. He is excited about his math and I have a feeling will be flying through this book with lightening speed!  The reading book may be a bit more challenging…so that one I am going to have to pull on all my patience and wisdom to get through.
ImageThis is the bulk of some of the rest of our school….MFW Exploration to 1850’s. It looks very exciting and interesting! I am really looking forward to the year, just looking through the books and student sheets. It also looks like a lot of out loud reading for me, so I am going to be looking for a few audio supplements as well.
I don’t have a picture of the other boys math, they will be using Teaching Textbooks this year and some BJU and Math U See along with drilling. Language Arts is from CLE. We will be practicing more Russian as well this year.
ImageA few books that I reference throughout the year! Learning games, encouragement and self help for the teacher!!
It is not looking as scary as I thought….I am working on some incentive charts, prizes, and other tools as well to use to keep us on track!
I am looking at my planner to print out some tools to put in my binder. I love the planner from Life as a Mom http://lifeasmom.com/2013/08/get-3-off-organizing-life-as-mom.html
It is cheap and to add the updated calendar, is like $3-5, every year. I love all the guides in there and I don’t have to go looking!
She also has these homeschool add on’s you can buy too! Check out her post on it here….New Life as a Mom Planner and homeschool add on’s 

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  1. Joy

    I love the weekly on the go binders. Great idea!

  2. HeatherK

    On the Go binders! Brilliant! I’m stealing this idea!

  3. Pam

    Awesome binders, Martha! I can’t wait to read follow up posts :)

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