I would first ask yourself why you started homeschooling.


What are your goals for it?

How do you want your children educated? 

Then…how is the best way, for you, in your life circumstance, to do that?

Is there other options besides solely homeschooling or public school? Is there options in the homeschool community where people could step up along side you and help you out, if you want to continue? 

Are there any small private schools in the area that have a homeschool type atmosphere? 


If school work in books is not working well for you, take 1 week off…truly. If they are not learning, and you are fighting it, take the week off. 

Instead, for that one week, make a plan for learning that does not involve as much seat work. 

Go outside and write states in the sand

Practice writing words that you call off in the dirt, sand, gravel with a stick or finger

See if any local parks, rangers etc. will teach a class on survival in the woods or water cycles, conservation, animal behavior, etc. 

Pull a nature book from the library shelves and ask them to identify plants in your back yard. 

Double a batch of cookies….have them add the fractions and reduce them on a card before before making them or in the recipe book. 

Play card games with measurements like memory (make index cards with 2 cups and 1 pint on them, and have them find matches). 

Flash card drills, where if they get one right, they get to step forward like Simon says. 

Practice free writing…..everyday at 7 pm. everyone pulls out a notebook and has to write, draw or color something that tells what they did today. Age levels have different expectations. 

Write a letter to a relative, friend or stranger…..

Vist a zoo, aquarium, museum, library….

Assign reading for 15-30 minutes everyday…

Don’t skip school…just make it look so completely and totally different, they don’t realize they are learning for a short time and then go back to your books. 

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