We had a  very nice peaceful day!  I got up this morning, got ready for the day and then a friend came over and helped me pick a bunch of green beans, peas and  thinned beets and carrots at the neighbors. Then i walked over to the grocery store for a big sale they were having on produce with the boys and we  got some good deals on produce. <p> We then got ready and went to the lake, my aunt and uncle have a little cabin on a lake so  I sat in the quiet and read a book, while the boys really tired themselves out swimming around and having fun!  They ate lunch out there and, we came home. It was really nice! The house is still a mess, but my husband decided to let a Kirby salesperson show him the vacuum so my rug got cleaned in the living room, which was nice, but I think I discouraged the guy as I am such a cheapskate and  was honest to let them know I would never spend that much on a vacuum, no matter how bad they made me feel! They were nice about it at least and they gave us a candle too. They work great, I just am not willing to pay that much for it. It took the stain right out of my area rug! <p> Anyhow, I really should figure out what I am going to do with the green beans as I need either a new ring on the pressure canner or something, but I was thinking about dilly beans!! Yum! I might end up freezing them though….we’ll see! I got a big bowl full, fresh beets, spinach, avocados, tomatoes……sounds like a good meal!

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