These were a couple of very good weeks of school! In fact, we had such a busy, focused couple of weeks on school, we lack pictures this week!

We always vary a couple of things to meet our personal needs, which is something that I love about MFW as it is so easily adaptable! This week, since we all know the story about “It is well with my soul” so well and it always makes me cry, we discussed and moved forward without reading it over again. The Adventures in Odyssey on the story is excellent by the way. “It Is Well”

We have been reading through the Story of the World, but since the very stressful basketball schedule at the moment, we are not doing all the activities in the activity book. Plus, we are just not a very crafty family. They make a lot of messes!

For movies and book basket books, we were listening to Little Women (the CD’s were scratched though), Red Badge of Courage and the boys watched Gods and Generals, Gettysburg and some documentaries.

As we began reading about Hudson Taylor, my sons started to tell me all the rest of the story! One thing I love about the church they go to, they often do wonderful things, like reading stories similar to what we read in school, and this past week, they made volcanoes as well.

We used the chance of it being 100 years since women could vote in our state on election day, to use the chance to learn about how minorities used to be treated, and why women had to fight to vote. I know this hotly debated in conservative circles, but it was something to celebrate here, and I celebrated by voting.
It was also interesting since Montana became a state 125 years ago too, this year, so studying that was right on as well.

While doing our fast fact charts, I have been trying to get them to be faster, but discovered it was not getting faster. So, I upped the ante. I offered a treat for every row of correct answers they got in the timed period. I believe this is going to speed it up!

On Thursday, we got the chance to see how it would be to homeschool with extra children as we had 3 extra children here for the morning. We handled it quite well!

The boys worked hard so that they could go roller skating this Friday before their game.

We managed to finish week 13, and do day one Week 14…which will be nice.
We are loving learning about the states, presidents and all that.

My high school student is finally getting on top of his work, I think, and we are learning a lot. Russian and Geometry likely being the top scorers, and struggles!

This week, there were three basketball games! The first one of the week, was a loss for the 5th/6th, but they played well. The 7th/8th have been undefeated so far, finishing that off with their game against Kila last night. The boys had an experience with some bullying or maybe just name calling yesterday, which they handled very well, maybe showing that they were unmoved by their worst insults. I had to admonish them not to stoop to their level, even if they were wrong, but basically do what they did, without throwing the insults back. =\ However, there was a small amount of thrill, knowing they can hold their own.

So, on to the rest of the month! Expect more basketball pictures…..

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