It has been raining alot and I have not been good at thinking of the rainy day ideas of things to stay busy so I thought I would write some down so I will actually do them!!

  1. Read a good book- There are so many I want to read to the boys and my voice gets tired just thining about it. What are some of your favorites?  I am so excited now that they are starting to read aloud more themselves! P. is reading a Pilgrim’s Progress right now and H. is reading short little books. I got some new Little Jewel books though I am going to read to my three year old every day.
  2. Puzzles- we were given some new puzzles and  they are great for keeping them occupied for awhile
  3. Small chalkboards and chalk- Get them to spell out new words
  4. Play games like Mother May I and Red Light/Green light if you have a long enough room
  5. Board games
  6. Coloring books
  7. Dress up- even for boys we found alot of great dress up things like cowboy hats, rubber boots, doctor stuff etc.
  8. Cleaning- not really something fun, but they can think it is. Vacuuming, washing windows etc.
  9. Homemade playdough- there is edible stuff you can make that is good for you and the regular stuff. It is not hard and they love it!

So, I need to get busy and get doing some more of these things! It maybe will stop raining sometime soon!

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