I do not think I have wished to live in MN again for awhile, but I was a little jealous of the people that do when I say that all these authors are going to be at the Mall of America this month!
<p> Susan May Warren, Susan Meissner, Camy Tang and others are all going to be there! There is a really long list!  I even went to look at train tickets, which I found it was only $280 round trip to go that week, but  alas, I realized I have other duties that week and I should not be even considering spending money for a train ticket to go see authors and visit my friends whom  I miss dearly there…..
<p> So, all of you who live in or around MN, please go and visit them for me. I may have to see if I can get someone to take a book there for me to get signed, although it is not as exciting as doing it in person!
<p> I have a great bunch of things to accomplish and my older boys are not home yet and the younger ones are being quiet, which is not always a good sign! It is sort of cold in here, so I think I will can peaches and warm up the house if I get brave enough to get my jars down! I hate it that you usually find spiders in boxes of jars.

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  1. simplyoldfashioned

    Funny. I was just pouring my heart out in my blog about deciding if we should go to minnesota or not for about 4 months. I noticed you had left a comment back in January and thought I'd check out your blog..and there you are talking about missing Minnesota.

    We may be going to Rochester and I was going to try to research if there are any co-op's or playgroups we could maybe get into on a temporary basis. Also, when are the Authors visiting??

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