it has been so long since I have written! Wow, what a week! After the fire alarm incident then the next day or so, our furnace decided to quit working, like at 11:30 pm.

Why is it always at night?

We were cold that night, but I got up early and got a furnace man to come and replace a part that had burned itself out.

On the same day my sister's pipes broke in their basement bathroom. It was a bad thing because come to find out the worker when they had framed in the window they didn't want there, they had just put the pipes there wihtout any insulation. I do not know why, except that builder was in a big hurry in other areas too!

Saturday, I got phone call from a friend who wanted to take me to this special ladies tea and a tour of a local mansion.

It was alot of fun! We got to see this huge house…it had 23 rooms, I think, 13,000 square feet and had all these neat old things in it!

It was neat to learn so more history of Kalispell too! The thing I liked the most was their clothes drying system! It was these set of drying racks on a system that pushed into a box on the wall. There was a wood stove that had fans that blew heat in there and dried your clothes! It was neat!

The tea was nice too, I had like 4 cups of Vanilla Bean tea and they had little egg salad sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches, petit fours, and these wonderful cherry crumb scones!

If anyone has a recipe they love for cherry scones they have to share with me as they were so good!

Later that day after I got home, I realized I was not feeling so good. I started the start of mastitis, I think. I was hit with soreness, a fever, dizziness, and I could not move! It was so awful! I needed heat on it, but I couldn't take a shower or bath as I was alone with the boys. Finally Fred came home and I was able to get into the tub. (By that time I could not stand to take a shower) and took some pain reliever and was able to sleep. I have not been quite myself since then and am still sore, but no more fever.

So, this was the saga of my missing days! Hopefully you enjoyed catching up!

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