I have a feeling things are going to get a whole lot busier! I could really use  any prayers that things will go the way God wants it to in our house buying in the next weeks/months! <p>

  1. We have to get our mobile home ready for sale. It is not major stuff, but  little things that add up and making everything look nice.
  2. Praying fervently that  it will sell, in the time we have allotted, we do not sell it and do not have a place to live or lose the house we want because it did not sell, stuff like that! This makes me really nervous as i know it can sell fast, my BIL sold his really fast, but it was also 10K less than I need to sell  mine for. If I lose money on it, I am okay with it as long as I have the money to pay the extra.
  3. God to send us to the right house, the right price, at the right time. I know that sounds like alot, but I know He can do it. I am so amazed  at what He has done already, so I know that He will get us through this part too!
  4. I do not stress out and freak out! I hate moving! I really, really, really hate moving and I  lose it in the whole process somewhere and I would really like to not do that. My poor second son is just like me so I guess you can pray for both of us! We still have not recovered from our last move and it was 3 years ago! We never want to move again!
  5. Peer Pressure- that my husband and I can make decisions and not listen to lots of peer pressure we get from all sides

<p> So, that about sums it up! I will try to take lots of pictures and blog about it as we go! I have a feeling school is going to be  on a low place on the list, so I pray the boys learn alot too!

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  1. pbrfans1

    Nothing is too much for God! He can and will totally take care of the whole situation. I know we looked and looked and He found us our house. He whispered in my ear right as I walked in that this was it. Just let Him take over the whole process and you will have nothing to do but be amazed! If houses fall through or you don't sell in time, just be at peace knowing God is in control…so you don't have to be! =) I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see what God does!

  2. Sandlappersue

    I know that you are going to have stress but it's toward a goal of something more. Look at it as a fun adventure. One that you won't forget. That's how we are thinking of the addition thing. It'll all seem worth it all once it's all said and done. I will pray for you to sell in the Lord's timing and get what you want out of it.


  3. Roseleona

    I love you, Martha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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