Wednesday: Pasta with alfredo sauce and chicken, steamed broccoli
Thursday: Homemade pizza and salad (I made this yummy pizza with spinach, mushrooms, garlic,  and green peppers for F. and I. The boys had pineapple and ham with green peppers. their sauce had spinach ground up in it) Chocolate cake (We made a Wacky cake, but we did not have enough cocoa, so we added chocolate chips. it turned out good!)
Friday: Gone for funeral-  I made leftovers on purpose for those at home
Saturday:  Roast chicken,  Baked winter squash,  baked potatoes
Sunday: Chicken and rice casserole, Spinach salad with avocado,
Monday: King Ranch Chicken casserole, salad
Tuesday: Roasted chicken vegetable soup, bread

<p> My sister was making king Ranch chicken casserole,  (which i had no idea was a real place and that there were so many varieties to it!) and we were talking about how  when we used to first make it and we had to make the tortillas first, stew the chicken, de-bone it, manage to  get cheese or make the cheese….just to make dinner!  Those are the meals that build character! <p>
We had a hard week here.  On Wed. morning   I woke up  to find  out that a good friend of ours had passed away.  It was really hard  as  it seems he took his own life.  You start to question everything about your relationship. Was there more you could have done?  The sad feeling that overwhelmed me has been incredible to handle.  I was very close to his step-daughter growing up and his wife as well (I always had friends that were my mom’s age, all my life!).  Tomorrow we are going over to the funeral and I just pray that I know what to say or not to say. Sometimes I am really good at sticking my foot in my mouth!
Let’s just hope this is not one of those times.
 I am not sure if I will be taking any pictures as  the mom is holdeman mennonite and they do not take pictures, but maybe I will take some of our melting snow now……it got uncommonly warm here and over in WA, they have  some horrible issues with it, there are places flooding, so  I hope it gets colder again! But i want the roads to be good tomorrow, so wait until after that. F. has  had some bad roads to deal with  on his bus route and that has not been fun either….<p>
if any of you ever wonder why there is a uncapitalized letter here and there, my shift key does not always work, so if I miss it……that is why!

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  1. stillearning

    Oh Martha, I am so sorry for your loss. I went through that this past summer with an old friend who married when we did. It is a shock! I hope the funeral went okay.

    The Lord's blessings on you, Pam

  2. pbrfans1

    Are you using the roast chicken for 4 meals? Just wondering!

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Martha, I took several weeks off of reading blogs to try and get more perspective in my daily life. I am not sure if it worked but it did help me distinguish which blogs I enjoy and miss and which ones were just a waste of my time. I missed you blog. Scott's death has been really hard on me as well. It brought up so many questions from A to Z. I am sure you understand. If you have Kims address I would love to send her a card.
    I think I am going to close down my xanga blog. I started Facebook and I might try Blogspot eventually. Right now I have so little time and not much to say, at least not for the world in general. Friends and family is about all I am interested in.
    I hope you and Fred and the boys are well. Love ~Diana

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