I am trying to plan some meals, but this last week was sort of crazy so our meals were all messed up! I still want to try some of the ones we skipped though.
Wednesday: Meatless taco salad/leftover Scalloped potatoes and ham<p>
Thursday: Roast chicken, potatoes, carrots and ice cream cake (P’s Birthday)
Friday: Chicken crock-pot soup
Saturday: Bierocks, bean soup
Sunday: Meal at church- main dish/side dish or dessert. I will probably make extra Bierocks if I am up to it and something else
Monday: Stir Fry and rice
Tuesday: Fried Rice- salad (it was such a hit last time, I think we will have it again! i just have to remember to make extra rice!) <p> When i roast a chicken, we eat the chicken for dinner, then i pull it all off the bones and simmer the bones with the meat juice  and celery tops etc. I put some of the chicken in the freezer for another meal that will not use much meat, like the stir fry, fried rice or soup. Then i will add the rest to the broth and chill it overnight. i can take the fat off easily then that way and make soup the next day. It is really easy in the crock-pot as I just put the broth, diced celery, minced garlic, cubed potatoes and grated carrots with seasonings in there and let it simmer. <p>

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