I did not feel ready to start school really, but jumped in with both feet. I guess since I am going away for a week in Sept. and I know I will want to be done in April again with MFW, I was ready to go. 


I bought a laminator last year, but was not able to get the laminating sheets until this year. What fun! This is something I am looking forward to using a lot! 

I laminated math drill sheets, check list charts and am ready to go when it comes to that. 


I set up three different book baskets for the younger three children. The youngest one has several books that are more just empty books to encourage more reading, under his reading level as well as some above his level, but just trying to get more and more reading practice in. 


Since we are working out of the living room most of the winter, I wanted to avoid the piles of books that end up all over the place. These are baskets where they will keep, not only their book basket books, but some of their workbooks as well, so they don’t get lost or so I am hoping. 

P1070988 My basket for my My Father’s world set of core books. We are doing 1850’s- Modern times this year and I am very excited about it. The book baskets are full of great literature, movies, and audio books to listen to. 


The first day has arrived and while the boys are sleepy, we sing “What a friend we have in Jesus”. I am always so amazed at the absolutely horrible lives many of the hymn writers had. I am not sure that I would have reacted like they did. 


Math drills and schedules all laid out ready for my students. 


Here they are, hard at work. My oldest is not starting yet, because  number one, we don’t have all his stuff together yet, and number two, he is finishing up a job on a pole barn he is building. My second son joined him after lunch, and school was completed. 

IMG_1972 They have been working hard, but this nasty scrape was some of the evidence of the hard work they have been putting in. They are really tan as well! 

One day down, and many more to come! We are missing a few things still that will come in later this week and the computer for the boys was broken, so we are doing math review for two weeks or so, which from the morning we had over math, I think we need it. 

I am going to be working on personal finance, adding fractions and review of the basics with them for two weeks. 



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