I know, this is probably useless without pictures, but my school room is so messy it would be too much of an embarrassment to post online for all to see. Right now, it is in my basement where I can pretend it does not exist so well.
But, right now, I am figuring out how to spend money on it. I want to make it functional for the school year and not so frustrating to find things. My plan is to install a long counter top in the back, and maybe get rid of desks and buy a small square table. This way, I will make things look neater, add organizing space and hopefully streamline things a bit.

But….I hate spending money. I just do. So, please take a deep breath with me and assure me I will be glad spending this money…

I am a bit overwhelmed by the amount of manipulatives, books, flashcards and the like i have in my office and am working on putting it so I will be able to find it and use it. Do you think it is possible?

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  1. mommarock

    I do think it is possible. I organized my school space in my den. It is the first room you see when you walk into my house. I had to make it super organized, or it would be embarassing. I have a small end table that I made into a desk for my son. I added bed risers to bring it up to desk height for my son. If I have people over, I can remove them. I am using a yoga ball for my son for a chair, It will help with his core muscles. I have a majority of my books in a different room in the house, but on a shelf I have it set up like a school locker for my son. he has to keep his things organized as though they would be in a locker in school. Organization is an important skill for him to work on, it has been lacking for him in the past. His art supplies are in a carry bin under another table, and I can hide them quickly and easily. The room has a pad that I can hang to write on like a blackboard, but I can keep the post it like paper to use again and again. I also have a white board for any daily stuff, and I used light blue permanant marker to make it look like a piece of paper the lines stay, but the white board marker erases.

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