My third son has been having little troubles with hearing things most of his life and  the experts have determined it came down  his enlarged tonsils and fluid on his ears. So, on Tuesday he had tonsil surgery and ear tubes put in. Here we are with his teddy bear, Teddy, ready to go to the hospital on Tuesday morning.
Here he is all gowned up and ready to go, sort of. He had a teary moment, but the pastor came and prayed with us and that really helped.
Getting blood pressure taken….. this cuff though was not small enough so they had to get a even smaller one for his little arm!
All done and back, ready to recover! They had a splint like thing on his IV, but they put it in when he was asleep, so that was good! He did really well….
All ready to go home! He was ready to jump out of the bed and go! This guy does not understand the meaning of need to rest!
All the popsicles and ice cream you can eat, which is not alot as  his mouth and throat is pretty sore. He is up and around now and running and playing, but not talking much still and  i hope tomorrow is not rough on him as he played a bunch today and he was really worn out.

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  1. Anonymous

    I am glad that surgery was uneventful! How long before you can tell that he can hear better? Lindey has been hard of hearing lately after her cold. ~Diana

  2. Anonymous

    I'm glad all went well!

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