It seems like you can start to think about being a mother at times, especially when Mother’s day rolls around.

It is when you have days where you wonder what on earth God was thinking when He gave me of all people, children to raise, when I think about it!

I feel like I get frustrated an awful lot to thinkt hat I do a good job. Why, oh, why can they not just have a couple of good days?

But then they do have some good moments, and because they are good, I overlook them more than the bad ones, I think. It is so easy to remember the bad things and forget the good ones, because they are so easy when they are good.

So, anyhow, I have been a little tired, I ended up unexpectly at the Dentist yesterday with H. He has a cap on one of his teeth and it had come loose and because of that had some issues with it. It is painful for him, T. missed his nap and decided to be super naughty. I mean not just regular naughty, but super naughty. Because I have 4 boys with me, one of which i am trying to console in the dentist chair, another standing waiting to have a filling that fell out looked at, and yet another sitting quietly reading, but still i could not walk out to take care of the super naughty toddler. So, I did a tight grip hold in my arms and talked softly to him. I do not know if it worked and all the people who saw him, I sure were not impressed. In the end he sat quietly on a chair after me telling him he was in trouble, sort of like a corner, but we had no timer.

We went on a small picnic last night for Mother’s day and my dad’s birthday. My grandma came with us which was nice, we had a nice time, other than the gas prices to drive there. We had a whole bunch of food and the children ran and played! I made an amazing discovery! All these years I thought I went swimming in a certain lake 14 years ago, and discovered yesterday, it was a totally different one. Not a huge thing, but it showed me how your memory can mess you up!

Well, I am hoping to make strawberry shortcake tonight and maybe some egg rolls. I usually do fry them, but do it in olive oil and less than deep frying. They are still not healthy, but once a year it is not bad!

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  1. drewsfamilytx

    Mmmm…if you have a fav eggroll recipe, please share!

    I was thinking about making strawberry shortcake too, but with pound cake.

    As far as memories, I figure if I can barely remember yesterday than my childhood memories are doomed! ;-)

    I sympathize with the dentist. I REALLY need to get the kids in…oh and dh and myself too.

    Have a great night!

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