It as gotten really warm her the last few days! It was upper 80's -90 the last week. Thankfully today it cooled down to about 78-80 degrees and rained alot.

The problem is in that it is too warm for this time of year and the snow in the mountains is melting too fast. We are not really near a river, but there is alot of things affected by this around us. The rivers are very high, causing flooding to the surrounding areas. I went by a rive today and crossing the bridge the water as just pounding on the underneath part of it as there is so much water. My mom and dad live near a dam and I think sometimes about what would happen if it broke, and just do not like to think about it.

Anyhow, in all that, I bought two tomato plants today and planted them. I have not gotten the seeds planted yet, but will hopefully tomorrow get the zuchuni and maybe spinach planted.

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  1. grace

    hi, just got done reading your blog. what a fun way to keep in tough. im so glad i started. i really enjoyed your little shovel outing story. good job being creative and fun. love, grace.

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