I have so many different thoughts running through my head I do not know how to even name this post!
Today was a busy day! (When are they not?)

I taught Hans school and started Paul's school, but then it was time to go to pick up a paper from Moriah and run errands. I really wanted to make chicken pot pie tonight, but realized I am out of shortening. I found some recipes making pie crust with butter so may try that. It would probably taste good with potpie! So, tonight's soup will be pot pie tomorrow.
I roasted a chicken last night with roasted garlic vegetables. I made the leftovers into soup with some bits of chicken and then will take the rest of the chicken and make it and the soup into pot pie. The soup was good! I added celery to it!

I have still been waking up alot, but Fred was really sweet and let me sleep in this morning. He was cleaning, taking care of the boys and all! Isn't that a sweet thing to do?

This evening I watched Eric (my nephew) and started working on a project for TEACH magazine. I am collecting addresses of businesses to send them a free issue of the magazine and offer them advertising opprotunities.
So, between keeping Eric and Anthony from attacking each other and making sure everyone was happy, I neglected Lee for a bit! What did I discover, but him in my bedroom with the whole 3 lb. tub of soft margarine with a whole bunch of silverware stuck in it! He also had a potato and a peeler! Thankfully it could have been worse than it was and, everything was rescued. And I thought he was was no trouble tonight???

I don't remember if I have my sister Mishael on my prayer list, but she is planning on getting married soon. We are worried about it, but are praying that God would work in the situation. Mom hurt herself last night avoiding getting burned by a spilled cup of tea, but hurt her back in the process, so I need to keep up the prayers there too!
Good night!

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  1. Anonymous

    Oh, Martha, that is hilarious! My friend Molly have 5 little ones and her second youngest pulls some really good stunts. Like filling the dishwasher with the whole box of detergent, just trying to be helpful. Once she found him filling the bed of his toy dump truck with it. Last night I was on the phone with her and despite her watching, he managed to get into the bathtub fully clothed. Then she nearly had a meltdown when she realized that he also had a really nasty diaper on also. But I think the best one I ever heard was what my neighbor’s 2 year old twins pulled on her once.
    My neighbor had been out a bit late, I think, the night before. Well, the boys woke up first and decided to pull one of their favorite stunts, turning their bed over. (It was not a small bed, I don’t know how they did it.) They then proceeded to the bathroom and played with the toilet and put tissue in the tub or sink, I can’t remember which, and left the bathroom with the water running. Then the little men went into the kitchen and commenced opening bottles in the fridge and tasting and dumping them out. From what I heard they made quite a mess, very quietly I might add. They then found the last bit of beer in a can on the coffee table and poured that in her cigarettes. Finally, their mom woke up and came to get them. The bedroom was demolished. As she came down the hall her feet touched the water that now covered the floor of the bathroom. She came unglued. She finally made it to the kitchen and found the kitchen floor smeared with ketchup, mustard, etc. As you can imagine, she was not a happy woman. She stormed and fussed and finally went for her cigarettes to try to calm down. Beer spilled out as she tipped the pack up to get one. It was too much. She just broke down and bawled then. It was just too many things in one blow.
    I know it was awful, but I laugh and laugh everytime I think of that story!

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