One day I will get better at doing this so it does not take so long to download the pictures….
Here are a couple of pictures of our friends when we went over to the funeral a couple weeks ago.
The mother is Holdeman Mennonite, so we did not take any pictures at the funeral or of her, to respect their  beliefs about pictures, but  the children did not mind.
Shane was all wet from being out in the snow on the snowmobile!
Trina was tired out from the day and alot of pre-term labor she was having.

Long winter days getting to you? Come on over! We will liven you up!
I can jump higher than you when doing jumping jacks…..I was out there with them too!

A moment of brotherly love!!!

Pictures of our winter snow in….
Ready to go out and play! Or maybe to help Papa  shovel!!!

It was hard to keep up with the shoveling, but they worked hard at it.

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  1. Lilyofthevalley4

    Lovely pictures.

    My children love running around our "circle here in our house. Wow… your living room is so tidy!!

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