I did really bad this week on planning my menus and boy oh boy, was it ever a hard week!!! <p>
So…..to think back on the week…what did we eat?
Wednesday night:  I was gone, so  Fred made soup from some broth of chicken breast I boiled for chicken salad for the baby shower
Thursday night: We had leftover soup, corn on the cob and oven roasted chicken breast with orange sauce
Friday: I have no clue actually……no idea, maybe hot dogs….I think we did not eat.
Saturday: Baked potatoes in the microwave with sour cream and cheese with leftover corn and hot dogs for who wanted them
Sunday: I put a chuck roast on the stove to cook with some peppers that needed to be used and a tomato. When it was shreddable, I served it over cooked rice. I made muffins for breakfast this morning and they ate those for a snack later in the day.
Monday: Leftovers so oatmeal rolls and maybe fried rice
Tuesday: Do you think I should actually cook a nice meal? What else is left in the fridge? You see, because it was a busy week it mean grocery shopping did not get done properly and I bought a big thing of ground beef, but someone nicely was helping and stuck in the freezer in a large chunk so I have to cook the whole thing now when I defrost it.  Anyhow, I think tomorrow we will have the rest of the roast maybe  made into gravy over mashed potatoes or noodles with steamed broccoflower which was on sale for .69 a pound so I thought I would try it.

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