It went really well. We sped through in record time, which I guess is normal considering they were excited. We were finished early, so went and ran some errands together, returned library books and were ready for lunch at my aunts house at 1pm. with my mom. It was nice! I had to leave a little fast as a friend I am watching, got out of school at 3:30, so headed home to get him. I went to a prenatal with mom, the boys all came and played outside though. We picked up mom’s car, said good bye and came home to make dinner. I was planning enchiladas, but found all my tortillas had gotten eaten, so we had taco salad/nachos/whatever instead. Everyone liked it anyhow! <p> Tomorrow is another day and I am so, so tired. I feel like it should be the end of the week already and for some reason life is a bit tiring for me, but I will keep going. <p> I don’t see how people have the energy to think about politics and other issues, I have enough in my house to keep me going! <p> We got so much done in the last couple days though! F. fixed a couple boards in the porch that needed fixing. It has to be painted though before it is too cold, so one of the warm days we will do that. It looks like a dark red type stain/paint was used,  I have no idea what color to use. The house is a khaki color, what color do you make the porch? I canned another 14 jars of jam yesterday, I finished the huge job of the office/schoolroom/library, and got everything ready for school today although I have to figure out where I placed two subjects……

<p> Anyhow, Good night, I have been working on really enjoying my children and enjoying being with them as  they do grow up fast and I keep feeling like I am missing one…..but it is just that my littlest one is getting big and they are all so big!
<p> I could use some fast breakfast ideas that do not require cooking…..I was thinking about making some waffles and using fruit jam on them instead of syrup, but I would have to make them ahead of time.

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  1. Anonymous

    You always sound so busy! WITHOUT homeschooling, I feel like I can hardly keep up most days with my 2 little ones. Reading your posts, though, inspires me and helps me realize that I can accomplish much more if I'll just make the effort.

    Breakfast ideas…lately I've been making a granola mix that we use as cereal. Summer sausage, cheese & crackers makes a quick & filling meal. Sometimes my daughter just wants a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast. Growing up, we sometimes drank those instant breakfast drinks. Or, if you just want to avoid morning cooking, you could make a casserole of eggs & potatoes the night before & pop it into the oven in the morning.


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