Wednesday: Leftover Lasagna, salad
Thursday: Chili, cornbread
Friday: Broccoli soup, bread
Saturday:Chili over rice, salad (Leftover from Thursday)
Sunday: Potato soup, rolls, fresh tomatoes
Monday:  Noodles, leftover frozen roast, green beans
Tuesday: Borcht, Bread

<p> I am trying to be really frugal these next couple weeks so I  have extra money to buy lots of apples to put up. Plus I had to stock up on flour, oil and stuff that costs alot these past couple weeks. I have a #10 can of chili someone gave me so we will eat that two times,  I bought alot of frozen chopped broccoli for .69 a pound and it is on sale for .69 a pound for fresh stuff.  We have potatoes, we have noodles, we still have some roast I am freezing for later, and we have tomatoes in the garden. We have been eating alot of salad with fresh tomatoes. They are so good and flavorful!
We had half a pan of lasagna left so we will eat that tonight!
Anyhow, i have to buy a few more things for the week. I need some things for breakfast and lunch, like lunch meat, fresh vegetables, and eggs. Cereal is also on sale for $1  a box, like shredded wheat so we will get some of that for next week.<p>
I have not done well with writing down books I have read….
but here is a couple
They Loved To Laugh by Kathryn Worth
The White Lady by G.L. H. 300 pgs.
Song of Erin by B.J.Hoff (I love her books) 556 pages
i am half way through Have a new kid on Friday by Dr Leman which is an excellent book! I really enjoyed it as it is straightforward and to the point.
Meeting Parri by Janet Lambert 189 pages- Fun old book that goes to a long series
Finding Marie Susan Davis 392 pages
Romy something …..325 pages or so….it was an interesting book. Not terrible well written, but interesting story line.

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