I feel sort of half brain dead and am dead tired, but we had a wonderful week. There were some trials throughout the week which made a couple days really difficult for me, but through it all, we not only survived, but made the best of it!

I did take a bunch of pictures! Some of the counts of children we had was 13 boys I think, under the age of 9 as well as 5, 2-3 year olds. My youngest son was the oldest of the group, and he just had his birthday this past week, so thought he was the leader, protector and I don’t know what all else of the group! It was funny to see! Then there were the little babies, my cousin’s baby is 10 months and then my sister’s is about 6 months. The 10 month baby is crawling everywhere and was attempting the stairs even, which is so cute, even though it is dangerous! The 6 month old is not to be left behind and is scooting everywhere and trying to get up on his hands and knees also…

When we were up at my mom’s there was so many bees and every few minutes it seemed like there was another one somewhere, if not someone else stung….My third son got more than his share especially when he attempted to go to bed obediently and laid on a bee and got stung.

We did alot of cooking, we tried to keep the meals simple…but still feeding almost 50 people when part of them were small children is alot of work! I made a big pot of sauce, a couple bowls of pasta salads, cake, coffee cake, pies, as well as adding alot of other things to the meals. On the last day I made a nice brunch which was fun! I had dreams that woke me up thinking about making waffles, but instead we had scrambled eggs with turkey ham and cheese, hashbrowns, coffee cake, fruit and french toast. It was a fun breakfast to make!

Several of us ladies and girls went over to my sister’s house to have a little spa night, which was very nice and relaxing!

When I was there, by BIL calls and says he has a car for me. He likes to tease me so I figured it was not real, but come to find out, he was not! He found a car for me like my old one that burned up. The amazing thing was that I have been praying that God would provide a car for us this past month, and my BIL felt very strongly to look for a car for us. I felt so blessed and unworthy to be blessed this way! It gets great gas mileage compared to my van. God is so good!

After the week, I was so tired, but we came home to have more company, my husband’s father and a friend stopped by to visit, so I cleaned the house up. My oldest son was so thrilled to see his grandpa, they had a special bond when he was a baby and it has lasted even though they do not see each other. Another thing God did was I had to clean out my cupboards alot last week and spent alot on food for the reunion, so was a little concerned about it as they were pretty empty. My father-in-law came and felt like he wanted to buy us a bunch of food and filled up our cupboards and fridge! I feel so blessed…..

My husband went to visit his family for the week and I am here alone with the boys which is a little difficult, but I am glad he is going to have a good time! I got a little worried as just when he got there that bridge collapsed.

Last night, Ihad to drive up to my parents to help with a doula job, it was a long smoky drive, but air conditioning was wonderful!!! I am so tired, but helping babies being born is really wonderful!

So, a brief synopsis for you!

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  1. Anonymous

    Wow Martha, You should be a little tired… What bridge collapsed? I am looking forward to seeing pictures. ~Diana

  2. gingerail23

    You're truly amazing, Martha! You really worked hard to make sure everyone had a good time!
    Did I mention that i LOVED your coffee cake?

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